Biblioteka 24 /7

This allows anyone to borrow and return books made available by the library, in any location, without the need to directly contact the library staff. The librarian places a book in each locker.

The reader logs onto the device using a library card (which may be based on a QR code or RFID technology). The reader then declares whether he/she wants to borrow a book and provides the number of the locker. At the moment of borrowing, information about both the reader's ID and the borrowed copy is sent to the library system.

The device connects to the library system via a GSM module or LAN connection.


The device has:

  • 93 lockers with flat and transparent doors 5 control panels with 16 lockers and 1 control panel with 13 lockers closed with electromagnetic locks.
  • A panel with a 7-inch monitor and a RFID and barcode reader.
  • LED lighting


Device specifications:

  • powder-painted steel sheet housing/optional stainless steel
  • dimensions: width 2400 mm, height 1950 mm, depth 450 mm plus 141 mm roof lighting
  • 93 lockers measuring: 80 mm height, 350 mm width, 40 cm depth,
  • equipment: electrolocks for each locker together with controls, and a flat and transparent door.
  • single phase, standard voltage supply 230V/50Hz protected by residual current circuit breaker
  • card reader adapted to the requirements of the library,
  • supported card standards: Mifare, bar code, 2D QR code
  • 7-inch LCD touch screen,
  • GSM modem for data transmission, connection to the library system server as specified by the host provider,
  • power consumption below 500 W,
  • choice of colours (RAL).
  • location:  indoor


Requirements for the ordering party:

  • Purchasing a license for the SIP2 protocol from the library system provider.
  • Supplying 230 V power to the location of the Biblioteka 24/7.
  • Supplying a LAN connection or providing a SIM card with a fixed IP address.