RFID returns

Libraries can choose from a range of solutions for the automatic return of borrowed books. Traditional return systems are a time-consuming process for librarians and carry the risk of queues forming. Additionally, they are limited to the working hours of the library.

ARFIDO implements solutions that minimize the time spent on dealing with returned publications, while also allowing users to return books without assistance. The simplest solution is a depository located outside the library, which accepts books around the clock. Once the bin is full, the library staff sorts the returned items and enters them into the system. The RFID drop box is designed for those libraries where it is important to make the returned items available to other readers as quickly as possible. The device recognizes the returned items, transmits the information to the library information system, and then places them in a cart with a movable floor.

The use of RFID technology greatly contributes to reducing the time needed to receive books in the library and to significantly decreasing the number of errors. Modern solutions enable even round-the-clock returns, thus speeding up the circulation of books, and clearly contributing to their availability to other library users.


  • Librarian system - returns

    ARFIDO has developed RFID readers for those libraries that lack appropriate space to use a depository or RFID drop box; they provide smooth returns and lending of library items through the librarian system.

  • RFID drop box

    RFID drop boxes can be used in those libraries where the time required for the return of books is significantly limited due to their operation. Properly identified items are accepted, and the information about them is sent to the library system.

  • Library depository

    In many libraries it is possible to return borrowed book collections around the clock. This is provided by a library depository located outside the building or in a separate room having free access.

  • Mobile shelving

    Books returned to the library can be placed on a bookshelf that reads the information from the library tags affixed to the books on a regular basis and updates their status in the library system.

  • Sorter for RFID drop box

    Returns of borrowed publications in those libraries serving a large number of users may constitute a serious organizational problem.