Protection of collections

Library collections available to users in free access areas are vulnerable to theft. This unique space is designed especially for the convenience of the user and the access to library resources enables the unassisted borrowing and return of publications. Collections provided in this way must be effectively protected against unauthorized removal of items.

Libraries that make their resources available under free access can protect against unauthorized removal of items by using advanced anti-theft systems. The RFID library tags affixed to the books to store information about them are also used to secure them against theft. When a book with active protection is transported between the anti-theft antennas it raises the alarm, and notifies the library staff by acoustic and light signals. The anti-theft system also transmits a message about the publication which triggered the alarm to the librarian system. Optionally, it is also possible to lock the access door. ALPHA safety boxes with affixed RFID library tags work in the same way; they can be used to store publications on CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

ARFIDO also offers protection devices and tags that operate based on electromagnetic (EM) technology. However, they are a much less effective alternative to radio solutions (RFID).

  • Anti-theft antennas

    Collections provided under free access require the use of discrete security to protect them. The current architecture of modern libraries, as well as the demanding styles of interiors from previous eras, require the use of solutions which are not only characterised by highly efficient operation, but also which perfectly fit into the space without disturbing the harmony of the library or undermining its uniqueness.

  • RFID library tags

    In addition to the storage of information and publications, RFID library tags also form a standard element of the smart anti-theft system.

  • ALPHA safety boxes

    In many libraries, multimedia collections on CDs or DVDs are lent in addition to books. These small items are easy to hide, and attempts to steal them are difficult to identify.

  • Door lock

    The anti-theft system is also equipped with an electromagnetic door lock.